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More Guns on DC Streets

I know the DC Council was forced to pass a concealed weapon policy so we must blame the Supreme Court if we have shoot outs in the streets like the wild, wild west.  Don’t we have enough violence and deaths linked to guns?  Why is this country so bound to make sure our right to bear arms are part of our policy in the 21st Century.  This right was because the colonies needed militia from the communities to fight the Native Americans, kill animals for food and clothing and to fight the British.  We are the murder capital of the world.  Enough is enough.  So when and if this back fires, who do we blame?

The Republican War on Women

The Party advertising team just don’t understand women.  Women don’t vote the same way they date.  We are very serious about our lives and families.  To portray women as air heads who look at the face and not the mind is dismissing our intelligence.  Hey guys who are being paid big bucks to market Republican candidates — you just don’t get it.  It’s not going to work.  We are smart and we understand that having both houses of Congress controlled by one Party  — especially the Republican Party is bad for jobs, families and America!

Are We Wasting More Money in the Middle East?

Reading this story on how the militants fighting in Iraq with those trained by the US government were destroyed, it makes me wonder why we still continue to pour money into a situation we are not winning.  I know we must protect our friendly nations in the Middle East, but my question is where is everyone else?

Don’t be fooled.  I am willing to bet that boots will be on the ground  — right after the mid term elections especially if those who are hungry for war are brought back to Congress.

Taxpayers in our country cannot afford to continue to fund these wars especially when our public school system is in decay, food stamp programs are being cut and workers are out of jobs.  The only way to get a grip on members of Congress who continue to support this wasted spending is to begin to change the face of Congress.  We must vote in higher numbers and vote in every election.  We the people must wake up — take control of our own destiny using the ballot box for real change from the ground all the way up to the White House.

Standing Up For What You Believe

It is America’s ideology to stand up for our beliefs.  A news anchor in Alaska quit her job on television to stand up for medical marijuana legislation on the ballot in November.  She is attempting to make change through the ballot box which is the basis on which this country was founded.

People, take notice — real action and change can happen when you vote.  Voting in large numbers elected the first African American President in a country whose roots and early economy involved the enslavement of hundreds of thousands.  Follow this young sister.  Use your power of the vote and let’s change things!  Only we can change the way things are.  Vote for every political office in your town, city, state — not just for who sits in that big house in DC!

Militarization of the police in small towns

 Militarization of the police in small towns.
So this police department in Page County, down near Luray, Virginia, thinks he needs this equipment to protect his police officers — from what I ask?   I travel to Luray often because it is a great place to relax. Never had any issues but because this is free from the Defense Department why not take it!  Never know when we might need it, says the Sheriff.


Why are some men afraid of us?

I really hope Senator Clinton runs for President and wins handsomely.  Women are smart.  Women are courageous.  Women are powerful in our own right.  Men should partner with us instead of being so afraid.  We should be loved, not raped (mentally or physically).  We hold our men in high esteem (when they deserve and when they don’t).  The world will see that America will be better with women at the helm.

Go women and if you can’t stand the fire in the workplace, put your mind to work and start your own business!