Are We Wasting More Money in the Middle East?

Reading this story on how the militants fighting in Iraq with those trained by the US government were destroyed, it makes me wonder why we still continue to pour money into a situation we are not winning.  I know we must protect our friendly nations in the Middle East, but my question is where is everyone else?

Don’t be fooled.  I am willing to bet that boots will be on the ground  — right after the mid term elections especially if those who are hungry for war are brought back to Congress.

Taxpayers in our country cannot afford to continue to fund these wars especially when our public school system is in decay, food stamp programs are being cut and workers are out of jobs.  The only way to get a grip on members of Congress who continue to support this wasted spending is to begin to change the face of Congress.  We must vote in higher numbers and vote in every election.  We the people must wake up — take control of our own destiny using the ballot box for real change from the ground all the way up to the White House.

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